Love, take me by surprise

Love, take me by surprise
let the river of healing overflow it's banks
let the music of Life shatter my windows
like a little child disconsolate
I am crying with my whole self, with all my might
runaway droplets like shimmery butterflies
take me by the hand
be my Comforter
tug my hand
I will run, like a child, to Your arms
oh I need You
how I need You
wash over me with glory
awaken my awe
oh Love, take me by surprise

There are things about working with little children that teach me about myself. I am always amazed or amused at the way kindergartners cry. Some of them cry loudly, and you can't hear anything the other children are telling you about why they are crying, and others cry silently, shaking and shedding tears profusely. All of them cry with every fibre of their body. When I was helping out with the JK the other day one of the little boys, one with a temper, hit another very hard and vehemently, the result being the naughty little boy promptly taken out of the room by the teacher and the victim dissolving into loud wails. I held him and while I attempted to comfort him, a tiny little girl darted out of her seat and clung to his back. She said nothing but stood holding him tightly, silently offering the best comfort she could. It made my day. It reminded me of how one of the grade one girls, who is a persistent friend of another girl, who is possibly autistic, is always concernedly pulling her little friend to me anytime she thinks she needs help.
Oh, to have a friend like that! Or to be one like that! I think children have a better understanding of their own inability to fix problems. I wish we didn't grow out of that. I wish we were always so quick to pull each other to the Father instead of trying to offer our own nothings first.

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Melany said...

What a good analogy of how a true friend responds to pain, offering love not solutions, and bringing us to the only Solution. This speaks to me, Lizzi. Thank you.

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