elijah, I want to know how to pray

sermon notes from I Kings 18:41-46 and on

in the sky
"the sound of rain" he says
God's Word is surety
don't doubt, child
don't doubt
I hear it
really I do!
God's sovereignty shouting at us
Do we know what God promises?
Did Elijah think
God promised rain
AND Jezebel to stop persecuting him?
Is that how I think too?
God's name glorified
AND a great husband?
AND no loss of work?
AND holy, affectionate kids?
AND an always peaceful church?
Elijah thinks
persevering intercession
is important.
I wonder, would I keep praying
after the fifth "there is nothing"?
the crowd is gone
he's gone back up the mountain.
he seeks God
the blessing
the urgent sense of need
no resting on laurels.
he presses forward
into the impossible
he leaves his distractions
head between his knees
Elijah is no radio pastor
trying to quickly churn out
one million copies of
"Fire From Heaven"
and booking his year full of speaking engagements
he's on to the next thing
and you?
are you gripping promises?
God's promises will keep you praying
God's promises will send you to Ahab
at the sight of a hand-sized cloud
Go on.

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