communion: such a black and white word for Love

"He was forsaken
that we might be accepted
He was bound
that we might be loosed"
and as the sun glints in the rich red of the wine
I feel the bread in my belly
and peace in my soul
overflowing in my heart
He is my nourishment
He is my righteousness
I am a cold corpse, except for these
and beside me, a whisper
"it's bread Mommy, why is it so special?
What's so special about it?"
a little half-smile plays on my lips
Just you wait, little one, soon you'll see
as little people watch, eyes wide following
hand to mouth
there is awe, and a pew up I see anticipation
and gladness wells up in my eyes
"by His stripes we are healed"
it's beautiful, this cycle of discipleship and renewal
in this beautiful Bride
I feel the burning of the wine in my throat
the blood-fountain of sacrifice and birthing
washed clean

you shouldn't write poetry when you're driving unless your pen is reliable (black ink is best)

silky cotton clouds chase
after the elusive pink orange blush
of the set sun
as it slips down across the country
this magnetic vortex
unmarred except for a dust speck
I mean passenger plan crowded with people
merrily putting, cutting it's inharmonious way
across this mystery
I wonder, if I were the pilot
would I be able to resist that mystical pull?
Maybe I would fly along clueless
too preoccupied with instruments and timetables
to look up and see
How is it anyway, we humans so often go
putt-putting on our way
ignoring the fingers of creation, all pointing upward
ears too full of cacophony to hear
the song of salvation
too busy to stop and ask
what really is all this longing for?
What should I be chasing after?


Learn To Let Go

A request was made for some of my song lyrics, so I am posting them here:

verse 1
I remember your hugs
your little boy swagger
your quizzical expressions
your quick temper
you stole my love
my heart, my attention
I felt like a mother
leaving her son

can I let you go
after loving you so deep?
teach me to surrender
all these things I want to keep
you'll take a little of my heart
'cause I've held you there
but you're still held by the One
who taught me how to care

He only held her once
knowing she would leave him
he protected and loved
just for a season
she wanted him to be her prince
but she followed her king away
he loved her so he let her go
and he stayed


She was their precious baby
from another woman's womb
they prayed for adoption
for papers coming soon
but they came and took her
and they wept alone in pain
a new baby cries
can they learn to love again?


how can I surrender?
how can I let go?
only to His deeper love and sorrow
to His perfect control


I come
all the answers
are held by the Shepherd
I don't need them all,
He's told me that
but I need to be held
wrapped in promises


are you thirsty?
Come to the Waters
are you hungry?
Come eat Living Bread
are you broken?
Come to the Healer
are you chained, imprisoned?
Come taste freedom
are you grieving, in mourning?
Come dance to the Song of Salvation
are you dead,
dead and buried?
Rise and live!

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