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This has been a gratitude-filled fall if Thanksgiving dinners are any indication - I've had three =)  One Canadian celebration with family, since I was home for the wedding on the same weekend, one a few weeks later with fellow Canadians in the area (and some additions), and one American thanksgiving with other homeless students.  All of them were lovely, although of course being home with family and having family from the states made the first one very very special.  In the spirit of the most recent one I thought I would share a few more "gifts" from my Ann-Voskamp-inspired gift list. I'm going back to the wedding but there are so many I can only share a few or you'll be here all day!

 3034.  The moment I saw Dad walking towards me on the street in TO, new beard and all (I love my Daddy, I can't even express how wonderful a moment like that is)

 3036. Heidi surrounded by wedding things

3037.  A peaceful and lovely lunch with Heidi, aunts and Oma at the Mandarin

3046.  The quiet moments early on Saturday doing Heidi's hair

3048.  Heidi's expression when Deanna started playing the panflute

3049.  Tim, when Heidi appeared =)

3051.  Being sandwich hugged by Scott and David in the cold after the newlyweds left

3053. Mom sleeping 3 hours Sunday afternoon

3054. Aunts who dance in the kitchen (I won't say your name, haha!)

 3056. That missing my bus gave me precious moments to catch up with very special family members, and a very special Thanksgiving day

3062.  The moment I discover my hard drive is not fried, just floating free in the compartment

3064.  A phone call from Dad because there's a sale on Starbucks coffee

3068.  Community, when your burden is heavy

3071.  Classmates who notice when you miss class

3078.  Letting things fall out of my hands into God's where it's really been all along

3080.  Playing a strategy game with two other students...  Since when do I play strategy games with strangers?

3084.  Canadian Thanksgiving; caring people and good conversation

3090.  Monday morning coffee counsel with lots of whipped cream =)

3100.  "Rock of Ages" Jimmy Needham style

3101.  A Global Missions Fellowship lunch where I discover that one of my classmates has been doing mission work on a reserve in North Dakota (and of course talk their ear off afterwards)

3106.  A morning thunderstorm

3120.  "Whiteman's Gospel" arriving in the mail from Mark, even gift-wrapped

3141.  Long overdue phone conversations with friends (and a newlywed sister) back home

3145.  A tour of the old CCEF building

3163.  A Thabiti Anyawile sermon

3170.  Classmates willing to share their wisdom

3172.  A counselee brave enough to come and share their story

3173.  Said counselee's hug

3190.  Finding out some of my classmates who will be in my classes next semester

3193.  Mail from super special people (Melany & Josh)!

3197.  A morning at the thrift store with a friend, and the amusing things we find their (Arnold Schwarzenegger workout record anyone?)

3199. American thanksgiving - an evening of much laughter

3202.  Spending approximately $40 on gas per month (last year this time was close to $200 a month!)

3204.  Reading bedtime stories at the Jessops

There are so many more...  But this post is plenty long and I have plenty of studying that needs to happen!  What are you thankful for?  Or, to put it in Ann-Voskampesque terms, where do you see God's love in your everyday moments?



I don't really like this template, but it had come to my attention that the other one wasn't displaying properly, and I found one I liked, and tried to install it but it just wasn't being nice to me.  And right now I really don't have time to figure it out so instead you get this lovely background...  reminds me of lima beans.  
You're welcome.
I messed it up again.  These things just don't display properly and I still really should be doing homework instead.  Frustrated, giving up for the moment, thank you for your patience, have a good day.  I will get something acceptable on here someday.

 (P.S. Any web designers out there??  HELP!  lol)

Finally, something is sort of working.  I hope this displays properly for the people who actually read this blog.  If you can see the background, yay!  I see a tiny bit of it.  I am going to be content with this for a while at least.



the distant train whistle
the silence of a baby who has forgotten what it was like
for someone to come when she cried
a token of love shattered into ceramic slivers
the wild frightened glance of an adolescent trapped in their mind's tricks
the scent of dying roses
old letters from a love that spun apart,
questions that remain
the way the colours sink into the ground after the late fall rain,
leaving only muck
the roaring silence and the old man's dull stare
it hurts, oh it hurts
unexpected, a flooding whisper overwhelms the pain
"This is not where the story ends, dear one.
This is not where the story ends."
And, setting in with the chill after the sun's set, a peace.
In the dark, we wait and hope.
It is enough.



...that's what I'm doing right now.  I have papers to write but I am so slow this morning.  I'm sitting on the awesome kitchen stool we have with my laptop on the counter beside the kettle and my towel hanging off the cupboard door, just enjoying my coffee (Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut, it was on sale...  On of the things you don't find in Ontario) It's a happy morning.  I don't exactly know why...  Perhaps some recent blessings are sinking in.  God is providing for me, I have a bit less uncertainty about the next little while, and I've enjoyed a lot of good phone conversations in the last little bit...  And some good in person conversations too =)  
 On a random note there are roses on the table, snipped from the bush outside.  Roses in November!  I walk past a big rosebush to get to my car, almost every day.  I love it. 

This just started on my playlist so I will share it with you, it's a favorite.

Speaking of favorites this is an oldie but if you haven't heard the song, you must.  Favorite song ever.  The video is pretty good but it can't quite measure up.

While I'm sharing links, here's an interesting article.

Oh and a classmate shared this with me last night...  Wonderful.  His dad was doing it for the talent night that we missed (it was happening at the same time as our class.)  I think his dad, one of the professors, was reading from Winnie the Pooh =)

And before I decide to go be productive, here are a few photos I have from Heidi & Tim's wedding...  All my photo editing software trials have expired so I will have to wait until Christmas to fix them up.  So you get to enjoy these in all their imperfection =)
As tired as I was, I will treasure these moments of the day for always.
Neither of us look very energetic in this.  But I love and miss this guy.  (I'm always telling people "I have a brother who is a genius"... This is him =)  Well maybe not in those words exactly.  But a lot of people hear about my brother. All of my siblings actually)

I am definitely one of those people who always talks about their family.  Don't know if that's a good thing but with a family like this how can I help it?

GAH.  Case in point.  Here is my Oma.  She is my hero.  

 I like this =)  
So cute!  
Special moment =)  I wish it wasn't so terribly obvious when I'm tired.  


This is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. =)  Love her so much.
 Wasn't this an awesome send-off? 

So cool!

Alright that's that.  Time to go work on my paper...  Or I might start dragging furniture around.  My bed is right under the window and I've had a sore throat for a week.  It does get a little chilly.  And my dresser happens to be blocking the one heater vent...  Plus I picked up a rocking chair from the side of the road (it's an interesting feeling, joining the elite ranks of garbage pickers) and it's kind of in an awkward spot right now.  

Sooooooo that's it.  Life is good.  One of these days I may post some of my thankful list again.  It makes me happy.

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