Isaiah 46:4

Do you have a moment, sir; could you tell me a story?
I can see at least one held captive in your eye
If you have a moment, ma'am, I'd like to hear a little of the storms
that traced the lines where my cheek is still smooth
Tell me, sir, of a day that one white hair stands for
and most of all I want to know what kept that twinkle in your eye
Please tell me, ma'am, how you're still smiling
though you've known pain and heartbreak so much longer than I have
Was it easier to let go the tenth time?
Do you ever get used to being lonely?
When I've seen as much as you, I want to rejoice as well as you do.
Will you teach me how to grow old?


Melany said...

This is what sets your writing apart, Lizzi: You do more than just use words in a beautiful way. You think about what is lovely, and then you write about it in a way that captures the essence of its loveliness.

I love the photograph.

christine said...

This is so incredibly fantastic. How can I say why? I just love it. That's why.

Heidi said...

Lizzi. This is perfect. Thank you!

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