heaven in your eyes

today the sun shone
a little spot of robin-red popped up from brown-green grass
six-year-old voices
repeated the meaning of the Easter symbols:
"New life! new life!"
We sang of assurance
with a dying man
I looked in your eyes
I saw your soul shining bright
though your bones were too visible
and you talked of your body starving itself
the doctors say there is no healing
but you and Jenny have joy on your faces
and peace is in the air
as she looks love at you
and talks of how little time you have left
but there is content
because you put your trust in a healing the doctors don't know about
it isn't here on this earth
she will go through dark days
but she will still rejoice
in that healing
it is promised her too.
And for now
I thank you for the gift of your love
the glow of hope in your frail embrace
I feel a strength I want
and I marvel at the beauty of the two of you
a little envious of your sweet communion
but mostly, I thank you for the gift you gave -
my spirit is still, for tonight
I saw heaven in your eyes.

1 comment:

Melany said...

So sadly beautiful... with the kind of beauty that can only come from ashes. The promise of healing- thank God!

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