Psalm Poetry

"The Lord Directs Our Path"
Psalm 138:8, 139:16, 32:8, 143:8

I stand at the stoplight
and the roads are diverging
I can't look to the rear-view mirror
except in thanks
so much to learn yet
but my hand is held
by the One who carved out the path,
the One of unfailing love.
You know where we're going
and You're excited
in all Your Power,
excited like a husband with a surprise.

"Worship the Lord"
Psalm 95:3-7, 99:5, 138:2-3

Everest's summit
the Mariana Trench
they belong to You
on Your shelf, in Your livingroom
like a potter at his wheel
You shaped the Grand Canyon
the deserts,
the plateaus,
all the rock formations of the earth
You wove out the saves
their ever-changing layers on Your loom
and shook the fish, the algae, the whales
all the sea creatures into the oceans
like salt and pepper from their shakers
and somehow, somehow in billions of voices
You hear this rebellious sheep
trapped, entangled in the thorns
and You come after me.


summer in the air

cloud to sun to cloud to sun
the smell of sunscreen
tanktops and dirt under my nails
robin singing so loud I hear it from inside my car at a stoplight
sudden downpours, thunderstorms even
rubber boots
counting down to the last day of school
June's first buttercups
it's coming.

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