when enough doesn't feel enough

that's it
insufficient for the tasks at hand
but they
be done even though
the clock ticks a time-warp
don't we wish 
we could do them well?  
but sometimes it's all we can do to strive for 
when it comes to hearts
when I think of the flash in your veiled eyes 
your hesitating words
I feel as though I must do well
because how could I dare to hurt you with carelessness?
simply insufficient
very insufficient
the full plate is a gift
from a Master Chef
He wants me to enjoy
He wants me to live
and so all I can do is plow on
if I act
in worship
out of love
the failure holes in my pot
will merely serve as 
and together
we will see.

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Sometimes I am melodramatic... Bear with me. My favorite thing is finding hope in hard places. If you enjoyed something (or not) I would love to hear from you! You can make me very happy by leaving a comment :)


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