Be my boast, Lord
I've got nothing
without You
I've got everything
with You
The way baby chicks are fragile
that's me
I need to feel Your cover
of protection
Then I will peep noisily
at the tiger
in the Lion's care

"He shall cover you with His feathers,
and under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler."
-Psalm 91:4


since I haven't posted in a while:

Here are a few of the things in my "1000 Gifts" notebook from recently:

696 How quickly a day goes by

698 The glowing smile of a bride

707 New pens

711 A grieving family held close by church

715 Sunday afternoon warmth and stillness

718 A movie date (Courageous!) with my 11-year-old brother

720 A child coming to be comforted

735 Bible stories told the Jewish way

736 Spontaneous detours

743 The sound of driving on gravel

780 A little girl who likes being tied up to trees! =)

785 A raised mailbox flag

803 A friend who finds me when I'm anxious and prays over me

809 Guitar stands on stage

814 Remembering magical stories of sailors and rainbows and blue seas

819 Dutch women outside their comfort zones

828 My Opa's harmonica hymns

829 My Oma's perfume

833 A fellow homeschooler in crowds of schoolteachers

834 A very full church

840 Spurgeon books

851 The grace to laugh at myself

853 A moonlit run

863 Earl Grey Vanilla tea on sale

863 Sunshine in the kitchen

876 Someone I never expected to see in a church pew, there

880 Youth group Bible study - "washed clean in the blood"

890 Coming in from the cold

899 Writing in the dark

901 Bridges

902 A handwritten, hand-delivered letter

916 Baby yawns

904 A diagnosis for an already victorious struggle - WHAT GRACE!

920 Round windows

928 A little guy pressed up close for comfort, and the way his lip quivered, trying not to cry

929 Bare feet on a warm hearth

935 Walking through an aisle of Christmas greenery - the sharp breath of pine

943 A super full gift box

952 Text messages that start with "good morning!"

956 Pain, to stop me from thinking too much

960 Late night chats with parents

970 "Every day I live is another day I know that I've been forgiven"

983 Rapper preachers

989 A wedding to plan for =)

994 Sermons that reach deep in, through to my hurting places

1010 Perpetually passionate people

1016 A parcel notice

1025 Tiny rosebuds still red after a week of snow

1036 Gingerbread house cave-ins

1048 Awkward proposal jokes

1049 Christ sung in coffeeshops (tis the season!)

1073 The woman wiping tears as we sing a Christmas carol on her doorstep

10738 Aunt Elsa's love of candles

1082 Torque wrenches for Christmas!

1085 Heidi & I both getting eachother picnic baskets for Christmas =)

1101 Miles per hour

1108 Ridiculously high heels

1123 Silver glitter EVERYWHERE

1142 Watching my latte made in a glass mug in front of me

1144 Breakfast dates with cousins

1145 Stone steps and pillars

1157 Window light for pictures

1172 The tears that won't flow until the bread and wine are passed and only stop when we rise to sing

1180 Just making the deadline

1182 A story percolating

1188 Organizing music

1190 The way one of my students eyes grow big and she claps her hand over her mouth when she is reprimanded for talking out when she is not supposed to

1195 Grace in relationships I've neglected

1214 Tea water boiled 4 times =)

1223 Square glass bottles

1228 Confused old people who are still sure of their Jesus

Photos from http://sxc.hu

something to consider

"...You are not your past or your surroundings."


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