there is something inspiring...

...about a good pen.
it should be quiet,
and leave lots of ink without being
and retractable tips are better
because then you don't lose your cap.
and they should definitely not be
or red.
the darker, the better
it makes you want to
just keep writing

What do you think?  Pens or pencils?  Lined or unlined paper?  Blue ink or black ink?  What's the best pen in the world?


best of 2012

The best recipeIndian Tomato Chicken - a family favorite. And great to make a huge batch of, it seems to improve with reheating.
The best book(s), John Ploughman’s Talks by C.H. Spurgeon and Speaking The Truth in Love by David Powlison.
The best song that you just couldn't get out of your head? The Invasion (Hero)
The jeans that fit best? A random pair given to me by a cousin =)
The best week of 2012: The CCEF National Conference. Make a resolution in 2013. Go to this one. Even if you are not a counselor.
Best habit? I made a goal to make sure I read, wrote, sang, exercised, invested in a friendship and created something at least once every week.
Best holiday? I think Good Friday. Just because it’s always my favorite. So stripped down, so simple, the heartbeat and climax of History.
Best risk taken - to reach into more of the lives around me.  Goodness, I am still so introspective, but I have been SO blessed by God working in other people's hearts.  
Best memories:  Dad reading in the sunshine on the front porch, countless coffees shared with people who are so precious to me, Mallory reading Hosea all the way through chapter nine at camp, the Unashamed Toronto concert
Best word:  Perseverance.  
The best scripture: Psalm 91, and Jeremiah 20:9
And in it all, He is faithful. In loneliness, in depression, in joy, in sorrow, in gains and loss, in blue sky dry days and crashing thunderstorms. Always He Is. And He is holding me in the palm of His hand.
Please share some of yours!



moment by moment
singing God's faithfulness at a dear cousin's wedding
Dad on sabbatical and how he slows, smiles more, trusting
My sister meeting a special young man, and how he slips into the ebb and flow of family
learning to love and care for people, learning to change
road trips to see, gospel breaking in, breaking through
Mark off to university, stretching, reveling in this new stage of life
births and weddings, joy upon joy
a death that hit close to home, reminding us where home really is
frustration and exhaustion to teach me dependence
surprising joy when I least expected it.
Every day, the struggle to live thankfully,
one step at a time.
I am blessed.
I am held.

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