"earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal"

the initial wound
after the shock
before too long
after a while
in time
numb again


Love is ___

Some say love is butterflies. Love is sparks. Love is falling, falling off a cliff into oceans of happiness or meaning or something indescribable. Love is finding the one you can't live without.

But I saw Love, and it's a lot bigger than that.
Love is giving up.
Love is letting go.
Sometimes love is allowing someone to let you go.
Love is time.
Sometimes love is money.
Love is almost always inconvenient.
Love can be letting someone in when you don't want to.
Love can be persistently knocking when they won't let you in.
Love is space what you don't want it
and no space when you do want it.
Love is almost always hard.
Love hurts.
Love sacrifices.
Love does things it despises while knowing that, probably, no one will ever know you did it (or hated doing it) except God.
Love bears burdens.
Love weeps with those who weep and rejoices with those who rejoice.
Love is 1 Corinthians 13.

Love hung from a tree by nails through His palms and suffocated through multiple eternities of hell's fury and looked me in the eye and said
"This is for you."


just do something

In a world where churches get locked
and the lights never go off
where we spend years of our life weighing our many options
where "entertainment" is a culture in itself
when people sell the gospel as comfort-food
and ministry is about the wisdom of men's brain
Jesus still says
"be still
and know that I am God
I will be exalted"
whether you try to help Me or not
and listening at His feet
is still the good part which will not be taken away
He still says "seek MY wisdom"
and He still tells us to obey and still doesn't tell us what will happen if we do.
Life is not quite as complicated as we think.


Isaiah 46:4

Do you have a moment, sir; could you tell me a story?
I can see at least one held captive in your eye
If you have a moment, ma'am, I'd like to hear a little of the storms
that traced the lines where my cheek is still smooth
Tell me, sir, of a day that one white hair stands for
and most of all I want to know what kept that twinkle in your eye
Please tell me, ma'am, how you're still smiling
though you've known pain and heartbreak so much longer than I have
Was it easier to let go the tenth time?
Do you ever get used to being lonely?
When I've seen as much as you, I want to rejoice as well as you do.
Will you teach me how to grow old?


Compassion's Call

from my sermon notes, on Luke 10

open our eyes to the need of our neighbor
reach out our hands to span the distance
unplug our ears to the call of compassion
teach us the dance of the beautiful feet
make our hearts bigger and break them for sin
strengthen our shoulders to carry others' burdens
breathe into our lungs the breath of life
to sing the song of love
Lord teach us how to love

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