you know how it is
when you feel like you've left part of yourself
in a place that you loved
with people you loved
or someone you loved?
I've had a little of that going on
and it hurts, the tearing away when you leave
again and again
why, Lord?  I cried
I feel so empty
losing bits of myself
will there be anything left?
but a gentle smile in reply
my scarred Savior opened my eyes a little
to see
where I thought I was empty
so many little pieces
of other people's hearts
that they left with me
so much richer, this kind of fullness
and those pieces of my heart
though I thought it was dying
like seeds they grow
planted in other lives 
and He says this is the way
He means us to live
to love
to trust
isn't it beautiful?


Because I haven't posted in such a long time, and don't have anything at the moment...

Jimmy Needham's "The Reason I Sing"

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