and the darkest of hours was the best day ever

Good Friday is my favorite holiday
although sometimes I'd rather pass over the darkness quickly
look to the Sunday sunrise
but you've got to sit in the horror of it a little while
make your home beneath the Cross
and you'll see
how He was torn
the slow suffocation
the life-blood that seeps away,
congealed and continual
how His loved ones must have prayed for death to hurry
what agony to see Him suffer, exposed and ashamed,
for hours on end
but they didn't even know the half of it
all hell's darkest powers
many eternity's worth of torture, concentrated into this slim span of time
creation strains under the weight of this confusion
something is terribly, terribly wrong
the sun knows it, and dares not look on the horrible sight
the earth shudders violently in fear
the agonizing shriek rings out
and yet, He has asked for the bitter wine and vinegar
He is willing to drink down the dregs of His Father's wrath
The crumbs of His broken, broken body are a bridal feast
and the blood is the water of life that He turns to the wine of joy
what wondrous love is this?
at last the Ruler pronounces that it is finished
and God takes His spirit to rest in the grave
Resting in the knowledge that He has paid the ransom for His beloved
they are His forever
the veil is torn,
because God has exploded out of the sanctuary
and Sunday will dawn so soon.

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Jen said...

REALLY love this.

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