I wrote this a little while ago but I need to be reminded again and again!

Tearing through walls of doubt
melting away walls I built to protect my pain
The agony of loneliness
the guilt of knowing there's no reason for it
knowing I am not alone
The sorrow over my numbness
my rebellion and envy
oh, I want to be thirsty!
Others have betrayed you
but I was betrayed so that you will never be forsaken
I am your hope
drink, though it may choke you at first
no place, no heart is impervious to the gospel
whether you believe it or not
My grip never slackens
in the blackest night or the foggiest day
if you ask
I will give you



New post below the last one. I started writing it before this one below and then saved as a draft so it posted underneath.


no longer a slave

"I was a slave to self", he said
"to my body
my twisted mind
my rotting soul
chains of deceit snaked in and out
of my every moment
I wanted women, drugs, booze
to bow and serve me
and I was so lonely.
I didn't see, didn't know,
I was a slave to death and sin
hell and Lucifer.
And so empty.
Then the Word reached in
Truth pierced through the chains
Blood rained from the clouds and washed my sins away
til I stopped kicking and screaming
I was blind, but He touched my eyes and now I see
No longer a slave,"
- And his dark eyes glowed with joy -
"A prisoner of hope you see."

I suppose I am putting words into Lecrae's mouth by writing this as coming from him, but when I wrote it I was thinking about the transformation of the gospel from the lowest of places to righteousness and growth and Lecrae has been a huge mentor for me. I have definitely seen these things in his life so I don't think this is too much of a stretch =)

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