a few lighter moments at work

Working with kids also gives you reason to smile. I am not good at telling jokes but here are a few moments that made me smile this week:

The kids were playing outside the other day and I see the most extroverted and rather bossy girl in the SK class trying to teach the quietest, shyest boy how to twirl around standing on a hula hoop. She shows him to hold the hoop with both hands, letting it touch the ground, and is telling him repeatedly "Put your right foot on the hoop, put your right foot on the hoop - put your RIGHT foot on the hoop!" while he patiently (confusedly?) stands with his right foot on the hoop, watching her demonstrate with her left foot in the hoop.

Christopher has the most charming smile in SK. He runs up to me with his irresistible grin and tells me, "Daniella has gymnastics so Andre is coming to my house and we are going to Old Macdonalds!"

Judah is a handful, an adorable handful with a lot of energy and very interesting theories on life. In reading circle this week they read the word "stub" and the teacher was trying to explain what a stub was, so she was explaining how a small pencil would be a stub. Judah immediately wanted to know "Did someone bite it off?"
The other day while I was trying to teach him how to tie his shoelaces and I was explaining how one loop was a tree, and he needed to put the other lace around the tree, to make a hole (which as the story goes is a bunny's hole and you push the end/bunny through and pull tight to make a bow), he is sitting with his eyes glued to the boys with the ball ("Judah, are you looking at your shoelaces?" I say. "Yes Miss Luimes", his eyes never leaving the game) and offers, "There's a hole 'cause someone hit the tree so hard it broke a hole."
Once he told his mother and I that if it got to be -100 degrees there would be snow up to heaven and we could walk up to see God.

I know some of these kids you would have to know to understand why I find these moments funny, but I hope you got a smile out of this anyway. I love kids and am so thankful for my job!


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Melany said...

:) Ernest today asked me if there was an "Old McDonald's in Valentine. :)

Reading this made me want to post an anecdote of my own from this afternoon. Feel free... http://melany7.blogspot.com/2011/05/growing-young.html

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