The other day...

...there were
water droplets from the sky,
in my heart,
and in my eyes too
and it struck me
this is what light looks like in a dry sky:Strange, the dramatic effect
water droplets
have on a beam of light.

Coincidence? I think not.


if I never

If we never teetered to the edge of the nest
if we never flew past our comfortable circle
If we never did the uncomfortable
the too hard
the impossible
I wouldn't be bleeding this way
If I never knew, I'd never care
It wouldn't hurt like heartstrings snapping
My soul wouldn't be broken and bruised
If I never knew the sorrow of separation
If I never hurt for another broken heart
If I never felt the wild frustration
of not being able to solve the problem
I wouldn't know the wonder
the elation, awe and joy
The being overwhelmed to know
There is a Savior
There is a Solution
There is a Healer
I would rather love
and bear the anguish
By His stripes we are healed.

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Sometimes I am melodramatic... Bear with me. My favorite thing is finding hope in hard places. If you enjoyed something (or not) I would love to hear from you! You can make me very happy by leaving a comment :)


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