moon fog

sometimes it's all blurry
like the moon tonight
warm and sleepy and yet there's restlessness and hunger
to know this is not really home
and that means THANK YOU
thank You that I get to be where I am
wading in the messiness of human hearts and many mistakes and
the fathomless depths of Your Words
stars spoken in a treasure chest with beat-up leather covers.  
it's so not the neat and tidy I am comfortable with
but somehow I love that
because You're rearranging my heart
and there is no good symphony built of resolved chords
and the best music is the beautiful tension,
You transforming dark chaos into the light of hope
and in these moments of 
sweat and elbow grease,
blood and baby skin 
empty arms and full, full hearts
somehow even the ache can be beautiful
because even though I will always mourn my little ones
and all the loved ones too far to touch
my heart continues to swell and stretch, 
and I never knew I could carry so many souls inside my story
washed by the sparkling salty water we spill together
wrapped in the hugs that sometimes are all we have to offer
and the sighs
but laughter
sure as the rising Sun.


fullness of joy

It's been a really long time since I did a gifts post!  Since last spring, in fact...  Here are a few from here and there.

#3516  A Mom phone call

#3535  Christ, today

#3539  "I trust you"

#3551 A spontaneous trip to WaWa exclusively for gummy worms

#3573  My brother & his girlfriend sitting together in church and the text he sends to his friend's mom "It's official" and her phone isn't on silent

#3589 Opa Brink and his "coffee klaar?"

#3628 Rippled plains

#3634 Evenings of Dutch Blitz and laughter

#3635  That precious weight and the privilege of soothing a frightened baby back to sleep

#3636  Making dinner with the shelter ladies

#3638  Being asked to paint a quilt square for the quilt that kept her hands busy and her resolve strong

#3640  A sweet girl playing Veggie Tale clips again and again and again

#3641  The impossible conversation that happens 

#3643 So much love from my cousins

#3646 Breaking in to brokenness

#3667 Things on the walls in the apartment

#3673  Emma & I going to the shore!

#3680  That Jayne broke a lamp when she cleaned too

#3698  First-time risotto making with Nora

#3701  Coworkers with amazing laughs

#3705  My sister's swelling belly

#3706  A beautiful wedding, friend and cousin stretching the borders of my beloved family a little wider and happier

#3709 Joy in process

#3714  Packages in the mail (New headlight!)

#3716  Live-streamed sessions from the CCEF conference, and friends to watch them with

#3723  My carpool buddies

#3725  A beautiful confession and testimony 

#3726  Phone prayer

#3728  Canadian Thanksgiving, complete with conversation about politics and Sabbath-observance

#3730  Free, very good coffee from a friend!

#3732  Our Canadian party that spins on past midnight

#3735  So many friends in the carriage house for dinner

#3737  How kindly I am treated at work

#3741  Flowers off bushes in parking lots to adorn my windowsill =)

#3743  Amanda wanting to "maximize my Lizzi time"

#3744 A friend who goes above and beyond and invites me to unload on her

#3750  Cris Simpson's Psalm sermons

#3755  Ladybugs, squirrels and birds...  CCEF is a menagerie 

#3756  Opportunities and resources that take me by surprise

#3761 How car trouble makes me miss my Dad so much, and yet God provides friends who know what to do and multiple friends/coworkers who offer to help...  I am cared for  

#3762  "The snare is broken, and we have escaped!"

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