love at first read

Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
                                                           G.K. Chesterton


because life is so full...

...of color, blessings, love, pain, longing, hope, joy, gifts

1255.  Korean birthday cake

1271. When my car stereo actually works

1287. Little boys under the table

1289.  Choruses of "I love you"s

1298.  How our family always asks how things went

1301.  Grocery store guys giving away carnations

1303.  Laughing babies on youtube.com

1316.  Learning about holy anxiety

1322. An acapella song on a sunny street corner

1332. Stargazing on the driveway

1334. Coyote choruses

1343. Names for special colors, like "verdigris"

1371. Two students discussing another student with a cramp in her leg... "I thought you said Keleese had a CRACK in her leg."  "No, not a crack, it's a CRAP."

1390. Dad making me coffee

1397.  Being told I look like a mama duck with my line of little ones following

1402.  A 1950's novel for a lazy Saturday morning

1448.  How people I don't even know come up to me and say "I read your article..."

1493. Kindergarten wisdom: "Sometimes after you cry you're a little bit shy to do things."

1514. Writing papers at 1 in the morning

1658. The Unashamed Tour coming to Toronto!

1747. An espresso machine and all the time in the world

1751. Discovering more than 20 Greek & Hebrew words that translate to "wait"

1793.  White jeans, free - because I would never dare buy them myself

1806. Sunrise in the rearview mirror

1819. Justin smiling

1857. Good conflict

1864.  My road atlas looking a little more experienced

1919. Bridal shower prayers

1926.  Dad able to go to Sunday prayer meeting for the first time

1982.  A package from NY on my desk when I get home

2009.  The way the post-sunset sky still beams up color-rays

2017. How useful the word "intrigued" is

2035.  Me making stupid jokes at the evangelism committee meeting and not feeling embarrassed by how dumb I am... hehe

2047. Picture books about rainbows

2059. Praying with a co-worker after work

2062. Turning the radio off at that perfect second

2064. Dad's eternal perspective growing

2101. "Child, you're forgiven and loved"


every good thing

"Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints!
There is no want to those who fear Him.
The young lions lack and suffer hunger;
But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing."
Psalm 34:9-10

What does it mean that I, a God-seeker by grace, shall not lack any good thing?
It does not merely mean that once I reach heaven I will be given every good thing, 
though I do believe this is true.
It does not mean that I will accumulate a large collection of good things 
spaced out over the span of my life, with gaps of want and need in-between.
I take this to mean that the Author of my story and the Designer of my heart 
knows what is good for me and what I am ready for 
and gives it to me in the right quantity and at the right time.  

Today I have every good thing.  

Some of the things I wish for today may be good for another day 
but they can not be good for right now or I would already have them.

And, some things I think are not good actually are.  
They're being worked together for good by the One who invented good.

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