communion: such a black and white word for Love

"He was forsaken
that we might be accepted
He was bound
that we might be loosed"
and as the sun glints in the rich red of the wine
I feel the bread in my belly
and peace in my soul
overflowing in my heart
He is my nourishment
He is my righteousness
I am a cold corpse, except for these
and beside me, a whisper
"it's bread Mommy, why is it so special?
What's so special about it?"
a little half-smile plays on my lips
Just you wait, little one, soon you'll see
as little people watch, eyes wide following
hand to mouth
there is awe, and a pew up I see anticipation
and gladness wells up in my eyes
"by His stripes we are healed"
it's beautiful, this cycle of discipleship and renewal
in this beautiful Bride
I feel the burning of the wine in my throat
the blood-fountain of sacrifice and birthing
washed clean


Heidi said...

I remember being that wide eyed child so well. You weren't quite sure what was so special, but you could feel that there was certainly something.

Still feels a bit that way.

Lizzi said...

"Still feels a bit that way" YES

I think this is part of it:

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