Sometimes I know how to hate.
Sometimes I wish I was an archer
with the arrows of light.
Sometimes I see a little bit of Satan's true colors,
that's when it happens.
Sometimes I see it when the sin in me has deeply wounded
someone I love dearly
then I hate.
Sometimes I see it when evil men rob someone I love
of what little pretense of hope she had left.
Then I hate.
When I cry tears of rage
for the "babies underneath their beds"
When I long to take the place
of someone who has no hope
to go through her pain and loss and trauma for her
because my Hope & Comfort would get me through,
in the end
she has nothing
That is when I hate.
When I cry "what fools we were
to choose this path!"
thorns and thistles
death and heartache.
That is when I truly begin to understand
what an illogical
breath-taking thing the Cross is.
And my heart gives a great leap of joy
to see that there is a Hero
A White Rider who is the Sun dawning on our night
and my being thrills
every fiber cries
He saved my day
He is my Dayspring
And then I pick up my sword of the Spirit
double check my helmet of salvation
hitch up my truth-belt
to run as fast as I can in the gospel of peace shoes (they're a little big yet)
to love
and to hate
to follow in His steps
until He comes back one more time
and re-makes everything
justice will be met.
no more pain
no more suffering
no more tears.

This could use some polishing but for now I'll just post it as is.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

I am going to do the unthinkable and post a cheesy comment. Because I don't know what else to say.

This is amazing! I really love it.

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