Inspired by Dangerous Journey

"Today I met a traveler
and something
something was different about him.
You see this burden on my back
You've got one
I've got one
all our friends have one
He didn't.
He was carrying a cross instead.
I'm not sure which looks easier
but it was different.
I asked him
Who are you?
and why are you carrying that?
and how come you don't have a burden like me?
He looked at me
and there was light in his eyes.
He said
Friend, I used to
have a burden
but now
I'm on the Way of the Ransomed
some call it
the Way of the Free
the Narrow Path
My burden rolled off
as soon as I began my journey.
I said
Your cross looks heavy.
He said
It is
but I have been given strength
to match it's weight.
When I watched him go
his feet hardly touched the ground.
I'm not sure but
I think I might like
to exchange my burden for a cross
to walk that Way
if I could have that light in my eyes.
He told me to go to the cross
He said that burdens are loosed there
and slaves go free.
Will you come with me?"


Heidi said...

Thanks for this and all your posts Lizzi. I will be eagerly awaiting new ones.
Love you!

Melany said...

Scott and I were just talking the other day about what carrying the cross means for Christians. We were discussing the relationship between the cross as our glory- something we raise as our standard, and the cross as a picture of suffering- something we carry. I think that the relationship is summarized by the verse that says that we rejoice that we are counted worthy to share in His sufferings. For the Christian, the glory and the suffering are not separated from one another, any more than they were for Christ.

I also started a poem inspired by Dangerous Journey... but it was quite different- a story poem that (surprise, surprise!) got very long! I haven't decided yet whether or not I will finish it.

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