Little faces everywhere
dimpled cheeks and elbows
sparkling eyes
joyfully uncoordinated limbs
wispy curls
"Daddy, come!"
earnest explanations of new adventures
excited shrieks
"Look Mommy! Look Mommy!"
none of them mine
to hold
to teach
to love
to care for
I am young, I know
still I cannot help but watch
I feel very sharply the beauty
the right-ness of it
I yearn for it
but it is not mine.
My thoughts turn to other little faces
some with hollow cheeks and bony arms
all with eyes too old for their faces
they do not trust
they long to love
"child" in name only
oh, to restore what they have never known!
Maybe one of these
is mine

1 comment:

Melany said...

i love the way you express a feeling that is often in my heart as well.

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