if I never

If we never teetered to the edge of the nest
if we never flew past our comfortable circle
If we never did the uncomfortable
the too hard
the impossible
I wouldn't be bleeding this way
If I never knew, I'd never care
It wouldn't hurt like heartstrings snapping
My soul wouldn't be broken and bruised
If I never knew the sorrow of separation
If I never hurt for another broken heart
If I never felt the wild frustration
of not being able to solve the problem
I wouldn't know the wonder
the elation, awe and joy
The being overwhelmed to know
There is a Savior
There is a Solution
There is a Healer
I would rather love
and bear the anguish
By His stripes we are healed.


Melany said...


Dad said...

The sense of pain,awe,joy, and hope resonate within my soul as I read your words....
and make me try to hold back tears of wonder and thanksgiving!
Dad (from the livingroom of Oma and Opa)

Lizzi said...

Oh Daddy thank you, you are such a blessing to me. I love you.

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