Night With No Moon

Night with no moon
will you sing me some praises
tell me Who sees
through the blindness of night
speak soft the deafening words
of His promise
the Dayspring, the Sun,
the giver of Light

Night with no moon
oh sing to me sweetly
we need Gilead's balm
for our bruised bloody souls
open our ears Lord
and teach us to listen
Trust may remind
frozen tears how to flow.

Night with no moon
I am here, I am listening
here in the stillness I'm
desperate for hope
Tell me the story
we both know so clearly
I won't drop the lamp we need
for this dark road

Night with no moon
please rebuke me and scold me
I know day will come
yet I gave up the fight
Night with no moon,
just once more sing it softly
and lull me to sleep
with my sword at my side.


Heidi said...

Does this have a melody?

Beautifully done. I find rhyming really hard these days... but this is great.

Lizzi said...

No it doesn't. I am not really planning to put any of my lyrics on here. I have another song to sing to you sometime when you come home though. Not that it's anything special but you should give me your critique.
I didn't actually mean for this to rhyme at first, but it worked (which doesn't usually, with my poems! lol) so I went with it. Do you think it would translate to music well or is this better?

Melany said...

I am glad you are once again sharing your writing via Blogger... you have a gift, and I am glad for the chance to read what is coming from your heart. I love and miss you, dearest cousin.

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