I was tutoring Josh (creative writing) today, when I came across an exercise in one of my notebooks from when I was in South Dakota. I used to tutor a couple girls in the school there, and one of the things I do is come up with random little exercises to warm up before we work on writing. One day I asked one of the girls to define a few different terms in her own words. Here are two of them:

Happiness - when you do something good instead of bad.

Pain - something that always stays with you and never goes away.
I wonder what my brother Josh's definitions would be.  The girl from South Dakota lives in a place that's full of poverty, darkness, oppression and hopelessness. Josh is a year or two older (this girl was in grade seven, Josh is now in grade nine) and he's growing up in a home that is filled with peace, hope and joy. But my friend from the Rez hit the nail very close to the head. I hope one day I will be with her in the only place where pain will finally go away for good.

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Heidi said...


What a great warm up! I really like that.

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