fullness of joy

It's been a really long time since I did a gifts post!  Since last spring, in fact...  Here are a few from here and there.

#3516  A Mom phone call

#3535  Christ, today

#3539  "I trust you"

#3551 A spontaneous trip to WaWa exclusively for gummy worms

#3573  My brother & his girlfriend sitting together in church and the text he sends to his friend's mom "It's official" and her phone isn't on silent

#3589 Opa Brink and his "coffee klaar?"

#3628 Rippled plains

#3634 Evenings of Dutch Blitz and laughter

#3635  That precious weight and the privilege of soothing a frightened baby back to sleep

#3636  Making dinner with the shelter ladies

#3638  Being asked to paint a quilt square for the quilt that kept her hands busy and her resolve strong

#3640  A sweet girl playing Veggie Tale clips again and again and again

#3641  The impossible conversation that happens 

#3643 So much love from my cousins

#3646 Breaking in to brokenness

#3667 Things on the walls in the apartment

#3673  Emma & I going to the shore!

#3680  That Jayne broke a lamp when she cleaned too

#3698  First-time risotto making with Nora

#3701  Coworkers with amazing laughs

#3705  My sister's swelling belly

#3706  A beautiful wedding, friend and cousin stretching the borders of my beloved family a little wider and happier

#3709 Joy in process

#3714  Packages in the mail (New headlight!)

#3716  Live-streamed sessions from the CCEF conference, and friends to watch them with

#3723  My carpool buddies

#3725  A beautiful confession and testimony 

#3726  Phone prayer

#3728  Canadian Thanksgiving, complete with conversation about politics and Sabbath-observance

#3730  Free, very good coffee from a friend!

#3732  Our Canadian party that spins on past midnight

#3735  So many friends in the carriage house for dinner

#3737  How kindly I am treated at work

#3741  Flowers off bushes in parking lots to adorn my windowsill =)

#3743  Amanda wanting to "maximize my Lizzi time"

#3744 A friend who goes above and beyond and invites me to unload on her

#3750  Cris Simpson's Psalm sermons

#3755  Ladybugs, squirrels and birds...  CCEF is a menagerie 

#3756  Opportunities and resources that take me by surprise

#3761 How car trouble makes me miss my Dad so much, and yet God provides friends who know what to do and multiple friends/coworkers who offer to help...  I am cared for  

#3762  "The snare is broken, and we have escaped!"


Melany Patrascu said...

I always love these posts. We have so much to be thankful for! I should go back to gift-listing. :)

Brianna Van Vuuren said...

You have inspired me to get back into my gift-listing... it has been mostly neglected lately... thanks for reminding me to be thankful in the amazing times as well as the difficult ones.
p.s. I totally pull pieces off plants in the park nearby to adorn my coffee table! :)

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