how my studies suggested a word for 2014

when you think you've figured it out, take
just a little longer
there's no prize for quickest prescription.
How many time have you thought through these thoughts? Again?
turn, spin, cast
"for every look at yourself
take ten looks at Him"
you will drown in puzzle pieces,
immobilized by this inner monologue
unless you
let Him in
tip that head back
in His words
the pieces settle into place
navel-gazing only trips you
and you are not alone
this furious wrestling inside takes on meaning
only when you see your surroundings
and vertical
For He is
and sometimes you do need to ask the silly questions.
Because you are only really alive when you
learn how to love
learn how you're loved
Because you need to come to the end of yourself
to be

There is a fairly recent trend that goes along with or replaces new year's resolutions by chose one word for your year, as goal or in order to identify and learn from life themes. 
My cousin has done it, and I've done it for a few years too.  The way that I see it, God teaches us many different things in the different chapters of our life, and if we are intentional about seeking out some of those lessons, we may be more teachable and more active in our learning.  I don't pretend to say I'm figuring out what God is doing, but I may be less resistant if I am asking to be taught.  All that to say...  2011 was Gratitude, 2012 was Perseverance, 2013 was Self-forgetfulness, and 2014
Because submission and understanding leaves you so free to fight. I am learning so much about this already.

Did you choose a word this year?  Have you heard of this idea before? 

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