...that's what I'm doing right now.  I have papers to write but I am so slow this morning.  I'm sitting on the awesome kitchen stool we have with my laptop on the counter beside the kettle and my towel hanging off the cupboard door, just enjoying my coffee (Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut, it was on sale...  On of the things you don't find in Ontario) It's a happy morning.  I don't exactly know why...  Perhaps some recent blessings are sinking in.  God is providing for me, I have a bit less uncertainty about the next little while, and I've enjoyed a lot of good phone conversations in the last little bit...  And some good in person conversations too =)  
 On a random note there are roses on the table, snipped from the bush outside.  Roses in November!  I walk past a big rosebush to get to my car, almost every day.  I love it. 

This just started on my playlist so I will share it with you, it's a favorite.

Speaking of favorites this is an oldie but if you haven't heard the song, you must.  Favorite song ever.  The video is pretty good but it can't quite measure up.

While I'm sharing links, here's an interesting article.

Oh and a classmate shared this with me last night...  Wonderful.  His dad was doing it for the talent night that we missed (it was happening at the same time as our class.)  I think his dad, one of the professors, was reading from Winnie the Pooh =)

And before I decide to go be productive, here are a few photos I have from Heidi & Tim's wedding...  All my photo editing software trials have expired so I will have to wait until Christmas to fix them up.  So you get to enjoy these in all their imperfection =)
As tired as I was, I will treasure these moments of the day for always.
Neither of us look very energetic in this.  But I love and miss this guy.  (I'm always telling people "I have a brother who is a genius"... This is him =)  Well maybe not in those words exactly.  But a lot of people hear about my brother. All of my siblings actually)

I am definitely one of those people who always talks about their family.  Don't know if that's a good thing but with a family like this how can I help it?

GAH.  Case in point.  Here is my Oma.  She is my hero.  

 I like this =)  
So cute!  
Special moment =)  I wish it wasn't so terribly obvious when I'm tired.  


This is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. =)  Love her so much.
 Wasn't this an awesome send-off? 

So cool!

Alright that's that.  Time to go work on my paper...  Or I might start dragging furniture around.  My bed is right under the window and I've had a sore throat for a week.  It does get a little chilly.  And my dresser happens to be blocking the one heater vent...  Plus I picked up a rocking chair from the side of the road (it's an interesting feeling, joining the elite ranks of garbage pickers) and it's kind of in an awkward spot right now.  

Sooooooo that's it.  Life is good.  One of these days I may post some of my thankful list again.  It makes me happy.


Melany Williams said...

Thanks for posting-- enjoyed the sneak peak at the pics. The one of Scott & Heidi was great, it made laugh. It is a wonderful family, on both sides, and I enjoyed "seeing" everyone. Also the peek into your day-to-day. I miss you-- can't it just be summer all over again??

Lizzi said...

I know!!

Heidi said...

Thanks Lizzi, it was so fun to see some more pictures! (And hear about your adventures in garbage picking :-P)

Lizzi said...

P.S. I mention being tired a lot. That is not what I remember most about the day however =) I just notice it when I look at the pictures.

Mark Luimes said...

I love your blogging… keep it up! and I love you

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