I don't really like this template, but it had come to my attention that the other one wasn't displaying properly, and I found one I liked, and tried to install it but it just wasn't being nice to me.  And right now I really don't have time to figure it out so instead you get this lovely background...  reminds me of lima beans.  
You're welcome.
I messed it up again.  These things just don't display properly and I still really should be doing homework instead.  Frustrated, giving up for the moment, thank you for your patience, have a good day.  I will get something acceptable on here someday.

 (P.S. Any web designers out there??  HELP!  lol)

Finally, something is sort of working.  I hope this displays properly for the people who actually read this blog.  If you can see the background, yay!  I see a tiny bit of it.  I am going to be content with this for a while at least.

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Sometimes I am melodramatic... Bear with me. My favorite thing is finding hope in hard places. If you enjoyed something (or not) I would love to hear from you! You can make me very happy by leaving a comment :)


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