settling in...

Just a few pictures for fun:  

 The night I moved in. 
 These flowers were waiting on the dresser in the empty room, with a sweet note from Anna J, who had stopped by that afternoon.  What a lovely welcome!  I just wish I hadn't been too tired to notice that my one quick snap of them was terrible quality.  Ah well.  

And today, more or less settled in:
 Still a couple things to do, like hang up my calendar (and eventually a few more things on the walls, yay!) get a bedskirt, and finish crocheting my crazy colored blanket that you see in the bag on the floor.  I'm getting there, but there are so many little things to do between class and class-related things...  Life is good.


Maurice said...

Lovely "proper lodgings"!

Heidi said...

It looks so good!

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