moments of adventure

Some of the 'gifts' from my gift-list, as of late.  Also some random pictures of life since leaving Canada, in no particular order.


2932. Linda's sweet cards, one for each day of my first week...  And another to be saved "For a sad day"

2934.  Discovering the park up the road with Heidi

2935.  Stringing pearls together....  =)  (There will have to be a follow-up photo of our creation sometime!)

2936.  Sharing a coke with Heidi before she got on the bus

2937.  Becky's fresh bread

2940.  Finding the little Saturday farmer's market at the end of the road (complete with 10-year-old busker, cafe, and train station)

2942.  Audrey Hepburn movies free online =)

 2944. Whipped cream in my coffee

2945.  The AOC songs ripped from youtube on my mp3 player

2946.  A sweet "do-not-open-until" card from Heidi to help make my birthday special

2949.  How everyone at church seemed to know it was my birthday

2951.  Two cakes!

 2954.  The perfect breakfast smoothie

2957.  The old CCEF building

2958.  The way Mike Emlet's whole face lights up when he smiles

 2961.  Scrapbooking all over the kitchen
(good thing my land-lady was on vacation!)

2962.  The smell of roses after rain

2963.  Playing the J.'s piano

2968.  The Jersey shore twice in one month!  

2969.  Nathaniel telling me I should hold him

2971.  A lovely Sunday afternoon at the E.'s, crammed with interesting people and good conversation

2975. A Mark Dever sermon and crocheting

2977.  Conversation on the way out of class

 2981.  How life-savingly helpful my random-purchase not-white whiteboard turns out to be

2982.  A free venti Starbucks latte for my birthday, and how the Starbucks has a whole upstairs that is perfect for studying

2983.  Saturday night Bible Study!

 2985.  A lovely Sunday walk through the graveyard with Willow, Ellie & Autumn

2987.  Caroline & Michael with their accents and British English

2988.  The little girl crying in the hall because her mommy was in class and how when I stopped to talk, she talked my ear off

2991.  Chicken penne rigato with spinach and parmesan

2992.  Kitchen conversation with my landlady

2995.  Watching counseling in action and how love slows to walk through each painstaking detail...  And the hope in the reality of it all

2996.  The first day of autumn, and how new seasons roll in like the tide...  Flooded with grace and light


Heidi said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! And the pictures.

Mom said...

I just love every detail of this! Thanks so much for sharing it. We miss you!

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