Rainbow Life

velvet pansy richness
silky oriental fabric
violets crushed underfoot
purple cabbage sizzling between slices of apple

starry midnight eyes
the sky just beyond the bumpy edge of cloud
paint drops on the driveway
ink on the page

translucent blades of grass
cool evergreen shade
aged books embossed with gold
cucumbers and celery, sliced crisp

puddled afternoon sunlight
budding daffodils
baby curls
banana-colored yarn

orange peels spraying scented mist
the full moon hanging close and heavy
waxy crayon
dusty lily hearts

cherry highlights packed in a bowl
lips curved happy
row of cool clay pots
fallen rose petals

and all washed sparkling down with humbled grateful tears


Melany Williams said...

like-- especially the closing line.

Heidi said...

thanks for all these Lizzi

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