The wisdom of a child

I am always a little caught off guard by the way kids think.

Where and why does a kindergartener authoritatively tell me that brown makes blue? What does that even mean?

And how does a kindergartener's mind take "Mrs. Ghelani" and turn it into "Mrs. Goliath"?

It makes me happy to hear the same little boy always call any type of food "'licious" (e.g., while piling a toy train high with plastic food, "Miss Luimes, see all the 'licious in there!")

And when another little boy painstakingly ('pain' is no exaggeration!) finishes coloring a picture of Jesus walking on water, then asks me how to spell 'Jesus', and I am expecting him to expound on the story of Jesus walking on the water, why am I so surprised to hear him announce "because Jesus built the ark"?

Because, well kids will be kids. Delightfully confused and wonderful.

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Melany said...

I like the new template! And I love the last line: "delightfully confused."

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