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I recently started a notebook of "1000 Gifts", inspired by the writer of http://www.aholyexperience.com/. It's kind of an exercise in "counting the ways He loves you", as Ann Voskamp puts it. I am up to #367 right now and I thought I would share a few, and some photos I've taken over the last few months...

#1 Redemption - Jesus holding all hell on His shoulders, "I love you"

#3 The unrestrained joy of spring's frenzied birdsong

#8 Curlicues in a wisp of sunlit steam

#13 The untaught dance of baby femininity

#14 Coffeeshop air

#28 Striped morning sunlight

#31 The return of a long-absent friend

#33 Colored pencil shavings

#35 Gifts waiting to be given, like a secret only you know

#50 Iridescent bubbles floating to the sunshine

#51 Three generations around the table for a cup of tea

#58 Something to do, to give

#62 "He will praise the Lord through the night, until the sun arises"

#69 Hard things for little people, to teach trust

#75 Green shoots in the swamp by the lane

#77 Road trips and sendoffs

#88 Lonely but not alone - never alone

#92 Heartfelt, unrestrained chorus of praise - and the beautiful wonder that God is so pleased

#96 Waking up without an alarm

#97 The minor key energy of Jewish music

#99 The artless sincerity of elderly friends

#104 A coworker who shares Bible passages with me

#111 Unexpected beauty - a little Bible truth in a Disney fairytale

#116 The echo of sound in the stillness after the last note

#117 Righteous goofiness

#124 My own car!

#131 Overflowing wells

#141 A father and son washing dishes quietly, while mom sleeps on the couch

#142 A frog chorus shared on the internet

#147 The painful relief of truth finally told

#149 The fragrance of bruised petals

#161 The way the morning sunlight turns even a dandelion into a luminous glowing mystery

#175 Candlelit devotions

#183 That sometimes we can set things to rights

#185 The beautiful mystery that He wants our thirst

#188 Being reminded of lessons that turned my world upside down

#200 Amazing Grace - yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever

#212 Little girl stories

#228 Black umbrellas and puddle-y showers

#350The cleft in the rock behind the waterfall

#352 Spontaneous applause for victory over darkness

#364 the Power of the Cross


Christina said...

Love your list and the photos. I love how coffee and tea are part of your list:) So many blessings--isn't He good!

Alyssa said...

gorgeous pictures and I loved your list. The forsythia yellow against the clear blue sky was my favorite:) Blessings, Alyssa

Heidi said...

... keep going please!!

Melany said...

so beautiful.... and so much to be thankful for! this inspires me to start a list of my own. i think in the new year :) it is always a good perspective shifting time for me.

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