the song of the watchmen

I originally meant for this to be a song. The last paragraph would be the chorus. I'm not sure it would work though. Maybe I will one day but for now, it's a poem =D

the night is not still
feel the enemy moving
eyes all around
do they know they are losing?
the city must not sleep
or it will not wake
here on the stone wall
we watch for the day

darkness is crawling
a thick murky fog
it mocks our belief
some lose hope of the dawn
their shrieks tear into
the deafening silence
hush! the earth echoes
the music inside us

and in the chill of the night
a clear piercing voice
our hearts leap with hope
and the call to rejoice
we strain our eyes
we lift up our song
the Morning Star!
daylight comes


Lizzi said...

image from http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbridge/290893555/

Melany said...

I would love to hear it as a song. If you finish the music for it, you will have to play it for me when I come. I like it as a poem too though.

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