be my friend

Shall we stand in awe a little, together?
Let us discuss our great need and feel, together, the great ache of humankind.
Let us rejoice, together, in the miracle, the salvation which defies the laws of logic and understanding.
And if a few tears escape let us urge each other to be unashamed of the joy.
Let us point our fingers, let us redirect one another's attention to the goal.
Catch my hand when I begin to wander from the shadow of the cross.
Hold tight to pull me from the sloughs of despond and doubt.
Let us stay close in the cold of this world to fan each other's flame.
Let us build our friendship to last beyond time.


Melany said...

What a beautiful picture of friendship. And how thankful I am that you have been there to be to me that kind of friend. I love you, Lizzi.

Heidi said...

I just checked your blog again... Thanks for keeping it up!

I could comment on every one of them but I wouldn't know what to say - they are so beautiful.

Thanks for being my friend. Even though I do a lousy job sometimes. I miss you.

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