sermon notes from Revelation 22:16-17

If a plant is destroyed
but the roots remain
there is yet hope of life
hope of renewal
long is our winter
'i alone am left
and they seek my life
it is over'
"I have preserved the Root
and 7,000 unbowed
faithfully looking"
Israel is dry ground
troubled at the prophecies
who has believed our report?
a Root out of dry ground
God is faithful
He is the source
all along
"What do you think
about the Christ?"
No answer.
God and man
100% plus 100% equals incarnation
born to die.
Stumbling block
purpose and glory
the Consolation of Israel.
This is your Savior!!
The Bright and Morning Star.
Look, you watchmen!
It is still dark
sing on all the same
you see the promise
day shines in your heart
sure hope, unshakable trust
The Morning Star has come
day is coming.
it is coming!


Melany said...

Wow Lizzi- this is uncanny. My pastor just preached a sermon about Elijah, and I was struck by two things: 1) A quote: "The past can be used as an argument for the future." WHAT DOEST THOU HERE, ELIJAH? 2) The idea of the unbowed. The were several that came to mind immediately, and after searching my memory and the Scripture for a while, I came up with 5. I was in the process of recording my thoughts when I took a break to read your new post. Wow! Wish I could have heard the sermon.

I'm going to finish my post and link back to this, if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing. I really like the "100% + 100% = Incarnation." What an incredible equation!!

Melany said...

I finally finished it:


This stuff blows my mind.

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