helping relationships


I asked, ‘will you tell me your story?’
and they said yes
invited me into their hearts
what an honor to be welcomed into their hurt
and my breath catches
to realize the responsibility
to feel how very much I could hurt them
and the richness God has for us in this place of honesty.
tell me more?
heal us, Lord!
what was this like for you?
and I must cling to Him
afraid of what sinful self can do to relationships
do I really understand you?
but the blood of Christ washes over
and as I bumble around in a sensitive heart
I could cause such destruction unless
I live on incessant prayer and humility
I’ve put my finger on the pulse of the Spirit’s healing
oh, there’s joy throbbing through our veins
and we’re washed in the sunbeams of awe
I see God.

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